TopupGenie: “Phone airtime without scratchcard” #EnterpriseIT


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This begins the series on #EnterpriseIT, focusing on solutions created by young Nigerian techpreneurs.

We start with a simple solution to getting more airtime to your phone. #TopUpGenie

Are you tired of scratching recharge cards to get airtime? Or are there moments in the dead of night when you need airtime for some important call and all the airtime vendors are closed? Or are there moments when you’re in the middle of an important phone call and you run out of credit and getting to nearest airtime vendor is a bit of a hassle? Or are there moments when you are just not in the mood to go out but you need airtime? Or are you stranded somewhere and you need airtime to make that all important phone call?

Topup Genie is an online phone credit recharge platform whose unique features such as the Simultaneous Topup, Flash for Credit and Scheduled Topups, user-friendly interface, and first-class customer service make it the preferred online phone credit recharge platform.

Flash4Credit” feature says you don’t necessarily have to be online to recharge your phone and that even with the popular torch-light phone, you can recharge your phone by just flashing our Toll Free number (08007001234) and between 6secs – 10secs, your airtime is on your phone.

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How it works?

Step 1: Create your Topup Genie account.

Step 2: Go to your profile and set your Flash 4 Credit amount to whatever amount you want to get each time you flash.

Step 3: Fund your Topup Genie account.

Step 4: Flash 08007001234 and get your airtime whenever… All as long as you Topup Genie account is funded.

The awesome genie can be used in the comfort of your home, office, kitchen and basically anywhere. Literally, recharge becomes easy and fun once you sign up on the Topup Genie platform.

For more information or enquiries on our unique features and services, visit our website at or call our customer care line on 08095607441 or 07052589202.


Topup Genie is available on web and downloadable as a mobile app on Blackberry World and Google Play store.