TEDGlobal 2017: Apply To Showcase Your Innovation

The TED Fellows team will soon be closing its application process for the 2017 TEDGlobal Fellowship program which seeks out emerging talent committed to making positive change around the world and innovators who show both outstanding achievement and exemplary character. Applications are due to close on November 13, 2016 at 11:59pm UTC (7:59pm ET).

Ten years on, TEDGlobal will return to Africa next year with the highly anticipated annual TEDGlobal conference taking place in Arusha, Tanzania, from August 27 – August 30, 2017. All successful applicants to the Fellowship program will attend the conference and be plugged into a cross-disciplinary network of activists, researchers, entrepreneurs and artists. They will also be given the opportunity to deliver a TED talk, marking an unparalleled opportunity to spread their work as well as inspire, empower and impact others across the globe.

Speaking at the application launch event in Nairobi, the TED Fellow Deputy Director, Shoham Arad commented, “We are truly excited to be returning back to the continent on our 10 year anniversary and just take stock of the history has been made over the past decade. In 2007, we were focused on ‘Planting Seeds’, and the ideas and connections forged then have had a huge impact. This year we will be mapping and imagining new directions, showcasing the brave and the bold, the makers and creators, pioneers and builders, the advocates and activists.”

Speaking on how the TED team selects their Fellows and what it means to join this community, she went on to say, “TED is a non-profit with a mission to be a platform of ideas worth spreading. The TED Fellows program is for the idea makers and story tellers. Through a careful curated process, we review thousands of applications every year and only take 20 people. These 20 Fellows are truly remarkable people doing remarkable things. We’re there to support them and make sure that their work gets the amplification it deserves and that is out into the world as soon as possible.”

She went on to sum up what makes TED so special, “The best thing about being a part of TED, is that you are exposed to truth tellers. There are a lot of ideas that are worth spreading and there are also other ideas worth debunking and TED is a great platform to see that happen. If you are passionate about the future of Africa, and the future of the world, apply to the TED Fellowship program and come be part of something special.”

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