Startup Nations Award: Which Policymaker Can We Nominate From Nigeria?

Global Entrepreneurship Network’s policy platform spotlights innovative policy approaches to help entrepreneurs start and scale

GEN is now accepting nominations for the Startup Nations Awards, recognizing influential and innovative public sector leaders and policy approaches from around the world. Winners will be invited to the Startup Nations Summit in Cork, Ireland, during Global Entrepreneurship Week to share their experiences and accept their awards.


Startup Nations Award for National Policy Leadership
This award recognizes individuals responsible for broad and large-scale efforts that have had a positive impact on a national ecosystem—either its own or in other countries. For example, Startup Chile inspired the use of immigration policies to advance new and young firm formation across the world, with more than a dozen countries now working through specially designed visa programs that attract entrepreneurial talent.

Startup Nations Award for Local Policy Leadership
This award recognizes the efforts of individuals responsible for imaginative and impactful efforts at a community, city or regional level that display real promise for scale. For example, Buenos Aires city officials have been recognized by the Brookings Institution for “reforming education from the bottom up” in Argentina, elevating the idea of including entrepreneurship education in the high school curriculum in national and international debates.

Startup Nations Award for Groundbreaking Policy Thinking
This award recognizes efforts that establish the intellectual direction of work in the field that lead to smart, evidence-based policymaking. For example, research commissioned by the Kauffman Foundation that established the importance of firm age rather than firm size (i.e. startups vs. small businesses) marked a paradigm shift in entrepreneurship policymaking at the end of the last decade.

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