Stakeholders plan “Yaba Manifesto” tech cluster for Nigerian entrepreneurs

In the wake of recent discussions about the existence of a true tech ecosystem in Yaba, an open town hall meeting was held on the 23rd of June. Moderated by Bosun Tijani (CEO, Co-Creation Hub) and Chuwkuemeka Afigbo (Head of Platforms Partnerships at Facebook), the meeting confirmed the need for an intentional commitment to developing the cluster in Yaba. The result was an Open Manifesto, jointly created, to guide the development of a future YABA that can become the ‘centre of excellence’ for technology in Nigeria and Africa.

The #YabaManifesto is an initiative of the Yaba tech community. It aims to create a framework that can be used to build a solid technology and startup cluster in Yaba.

Seven (7) focus areas were identified as important to building the ecosystem; Culture, Funding, Talent, Infrastructure, Policy Creation, Smart City and Research and Development. In the spirit of collaboration, volunteer committees were created to guide the development of the manifesto and committee leads were nominated.

Illustrating what the future Yaba would look like, Steven, a young programmer, described the future Yaba as “A symbol of Hope; a cluster that would inspire young people and provide them with resources to build the future” To realise this dream, however, everyone has to be involved.

This is a call for all members of the tech community in Lagos and beyond who are interested in this future, to bring their ideas to the table and contribute to the formation of action points for the manifesto. The pillars are housed in a special category on Tech Cabal’s radar.

Discussions would take place on Radar until July 31st, after which the resolutions decided upon would be published on the manifesto’s independent website. The website would guide the development of the Yaba tech cluster and serve as a reminder of our joint commitment to building the Yaba we desire. Join the conversation today.

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