How they make Garri in Badagry [A Reporter’s Diary] #SmallBusinessSeries

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Her face covered in sweat and a wide smile, she happily welcomed me. I noticed her house was surrounded by a farm, though I was prepared but not enough for the tour I was about to explore.

Cassava Farming
I studied the cassava stem as Mercy took us round her impressing cassava farm. Cassava is one of the most harvested crops in Nigeria because of its versatile uses such as flour, garri, fufu, chips, glucose syrup ethanol and bread. Cassava is not a hard crop to nurture and can grow anywhere. It grows easily and has a large yield and is less affected by disease and pests.

Mercy in front of her cassava farm

“Sometimes I dry it and use it as starch and sometimes It serves as food for my pigs, but I boil them first because of the acidic nature of the cassava “ Mercy explained.

Cassava farming is very common in Badagry. Almost every landowner reserves a portion of land for planting cassava because of its versatile use.

Benefits of Cassava

Cassava contains a high source of minerals essential in the healthy development of the body.

  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Copper
  • Calcium phosphorus
  • And Manganese which helps increase immune function
  • The saponins in the root help with managing cholesterol levels, reducing acidic levels in the body and breaking down waste faster.
  • The amino acid present in cassava leaves is effective for wound healing in the skin.
  • Vitamin K present in the leaves helps with bone health
  • It also reduces the frequency of migraines.

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