#RightNowNaija: NESG parters youth stakeholders for entrepreneurship

These days, the social media in Nigeria are awash with comments like these:

– “Nearly 6 million young Nigerians enter into the market each year and only 10% secure a job in the formal sector. We need to act right now!”

– “With a youthful population of 52 million, Nigeria has a demographic dividend which is fast becoming a liability. Let’s do something right now.”

So, how do we address unemployment rate in Nigeria?

The National Economic Summit Group Youth Empowerment, held on Thursday, June 26, 2014, in Lagos recommended working with the National Youth Policy Framework of the federal government.

The Forum is to develop strategies and initiatives that would empower, and improve the situation of the Nigerian youth. The Forum focused on defining measures to harmonize on-going youth initiatives in Nigeria and enhance their multiplier-effect on the society by promoting partnerships and collaboration among all stakeholders.

The Forum also sought to develop youth-oriented policy documents where necessary and advocate for their implementation.


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