[Review] National Transformation through Transformational Leadership

Building the Nigeria of our dreams can only be possible through transformational leadership. This is the key message of the new groundbreaking book authored by Uzo Enelamah, a public speaker, personal transformation coach and author of repute.

The book, which is expected to be released to bookstores across the world in March 2018, begins by questioning the traditional worldview that promotes the narrative that suggests that undeveloped nations do not have what it takes to transform to become like the developed nations.

The writer posits that the missing link between the noble aspirations of undeveloped nations to leapfrog in economic, social and political development to become like the developed nations is the absence or paucity of transformational leaders in the helm of affairs of these undeveloped nations.

The author explains that it takes transformational leadership to unlock the potential of any nation to become great and then describes in detail the essential qualities of transformational leaders that will lead the kind of change required to transform an undeveloped nation into a developed nation.

The book concludes that any nation can be transformed with the right kind of leadership and then describes how to raise such leaders. The author encourages citizens of undeveloped nations to vote in only leaders that have the qualities required to practice and demonstrate transformational leadership at various levels of government.

The book is divided into six chapters. In Chapter one, the author asserts that with the right leadership, any nation can be transformed by the citizens to become a great nation. He stresses that: “For a nation to become great, its citizens must insist on having the right kind of leaders. If we want our nation to leapfrog to greatness, we must elect transformational leaders that will lead us to build a great nation.”

Chapter 2 introduces the reader to the concept of functional leadership by answering the question “who is a leader and what do leaders do?” The author notes that leadership is about what you do rather than a job title. In Chapter 3, the author explains what it takes to become an effective leader. The author asserts that “Nobody is born a natural leader,” and that “Leadership can be taught and learnt.”

In chapter 4, the author delves into the concept of leadership styles and then describes in detail the leadership style that will bring about national transformation. The author asserts that the most appropriate leadership style depends on the function of the leader, the followers and the situation and that any organization or nation whose development and progress has stagnated over time needs a transformational leader to drive the change that will bring them out of crisis and get them back on the path of growth and progress.

Chapter 5 takes a look at the essence of National Transformation and the various dimensions of the real change that our nation needs.
The last chapter focuses on how to train and develop future leaders. The author concludes by emphasizing the role of the church in training and developing future leaders.
The book is targeted at leaders, aspiring leaders and citizens with a desire to see Nigeria and other undeveloped nations genuinely transformed to become great nations that will be the envy of other nations.

Uzo Enelamah is a Chemical Engineering graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife and an Ordained Pastor of the RCCG. He is the Pastor in Charge of RCCG HOUSE OF PRAISE LEKKI which has a unique mandate to raise role models and positive change agents in society.

Uzo Enelamah is an accomplished professional and technical leader in the Oil and Gas industry. He is a prolific writer, a public speaker, a life coach and mentor to many young professionals. He is happily married to Atinuke Enelamah and they are blessed with two children.

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