Privacy Policy

General Objective: As part of our effort to attune our services to our users’ particular needs and wants, we collect certain information from our users. In order to strike a balance between making our services more responsive to our users’ preferences and protecting the privacy of our users, we have formulated and implemented this Privacy Policy.

Binding Effect: It is understood that by accessing our Web site, the user agrees to be bound by our Privacy Policy, and any and all amendments thereto.

Amendments: As changing circumstances may require the revision of this Privacy Policy, we encourage our users to check our Privacy Policy from time to time.

Type of Information Collected: By accessing our network of Web sites, information may be collected from our users. We automatically log certain information on our servers such as:

1.The users’ IP address

2.System date and time of access

3.Page/image requested by the user

4.The referrer URL or URL where the request came from

5.User agent or user’s type of browser

6.Method used to collect data (GET/POST)

7.Other server & request variables

These are primarily used to monitor user traffic patterns and Web site access for analytical purposes.

In cases where data entry forms — such as personal/contact information, subscriptions, surveys, feedback, guestbooks, postcards and discussion boards — pertinent data are voluntarily provided by the users.

Such information may be used by us, each pursuant to its purpose, and likewise for analyzing user trends. Data may include user name, address, billing information, and credit card information, to name a few.

Method of Information Collection: Below is a summary of how we collect the information from our users. While our sites do not use cookies at this time, we reserve the right to use cookies in the future should the need, in our view, arise. We will, however, notify you in the event that we decide to use cookies in the future.

Server log data are collected automatically by configuring our web servers. Other specific information may be collected by using custom data entry pages. Data may be stored in databases in various formats. (a) Services of third parties may be employed on a need basis. Data collected from them may be raw or analysed depending on the mutual agreement by us, our clients and the third parties. (b) Web logs are created for Web sites hosted by us.

In some EntrepreNEWS Online sites, you can enter contests, give feedback or express an opinion through online surveys, forums or chat sessions, and subscribe to one of our services such as online newsletters and news archive. The personally identifiable information that may be collected in these sites include: name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, fax number, credit card information, and information about your interests and preferred services.

Use of Information Collected: Generally, we use all the data gathered from our users in order to become more familiar with them, and thus, develop our services to suit their preferences. In particular:

Data may be written and stored on various databases on assigned servers. Collation and analysis may be processed automatically by programming, or by manual review. Raw data may be utilized and processed in different ways depending on the user requirements. These could be required in order to receive specific services. Collective information can be used to identify demographic trends and tailor information to the users’ interests. The stored data will also serve as historical records for future reference.

We only give out information to third parties if needed for processing and such has been agreed upon by both parties. We reserve the right to restrict data that may be given out. There is no specific period as to how long data will be retained.

We reserve the right to disclose collated information to third parties. However, in the event that we decide to provide third parties with personally identifiable information (meaning, information tending to identify the user, such as the user’s e-mail address), we shall obtain prior consent of the user concerned.

Other Uses: In the event that we use such information for any purposes other than as disclosed above, then we shall indicate such usage by posting such fact conspicuously on this site. Should our users, at such time, have any objections to such other uses of the information collected from them, they may opt to prevent such further use by sending an e-mail message via our Contact Us page.

Accessing Collected Information: In the event that any of our users wish to access information they have provided for the purpose of correcting or deleting the same, they shall be provided with forms for the said purpose. Such corrections or deletions will be evaluated by us prior to making the actual revisions. The foregoing process, however, shall not apply in cases where the user is given an access user name and password which already serve as a security measure. Server log information will also help us in ascertaining the integrity of the information.