PlatoHub Promises To Build And Launch In 4 Weeks With #WorkStay

What, in your opinion, is the single most causative factor for the regular deaths of Nigerian startup ideas?

Well according to a research carried out by Platohub, a Nigerian solutions development company, they discovered that a lot of product ideas fail not because the idea is stupid, or lack of cash or talent, but because it takes too long to develop, deploy and launch the product. As a result, most product stick around the development stage!

According to Platohub CEO, Samuel Ekpe, other factors include

1. For Technical Founders who want to stick with their day job while they build their product, they tend to face challenges due to power or lack of Internet, it also causes the idea to take too long to develop, and the
founders tend to loose enthusiasm.

2. For non-technical Founders who outsource their development, the developers never keep to time, which causes frustration and extension of timeline for launch.

3. For non-technical Founders who have Technical Co-founders, they still face the same challenges outlined above.

As such Platohub, is introducing *#WorkStay* for Startups in the central part of Lagos (Yaba metropolis). *#WorkStay* is a 24/7 work and stay service for Startups or anyone with idea requiring *temporary stay(for a
month)* while they build and launch their product without any need to worry about Power, Hospitality and Internet. kindly fill the form if you are interested.

Try it out and let’s have your feedback.

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