PitchFest: Are You an Educational Innovator?

PitchFest blogDo you have a game-changing idea in education? How about a solution that can improve the lives of millions of people?

On September 2, the Africa-America Institute will host its first-ever PitchFest during the 2nd Annual State of Education in Africa conference at the InterContinental Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria. This innovative competition will explore cutting-edge ideas, tools, information and technologies that can help bring about a better educational system in Africa. From strengthening subject areas like science and math, to expanding demographics to bolstering early education, attendees will have the unique opportunity to address some of Africa’s most urgent educational issues.

The PitchFest submission process will run from Monday, May 4 to Tuesday, June 30. A selection committee will choose five individuals or companies to participate in the conference. The finalists will have an opportunity to present their innovative ideas for three minutes to our panel of judges.

As an added incentive to the final five teams, first place winners will receive $2,500; $1,000 for second place; and $500 for the three runner-ups.

Be sure to bring your best ideas to the table! And who knows, maybe your next big idea will be the next big solution to the education crisis in Africa.

Submit your idea to find out! Please send no more than two (2) pages of a description of your innovative idea to Sarah Lieb at email, aai@thewakemanagency.com or call (212) 500-5953 x710.