Petroleum Investment: Group Passes Confidence Vote On NAPIMS Boss

THE Niger Delta Indigenous Movement for Radical Change (NDIMRC) has passed confidence vote on the Group General Manager of National Petroleum Investment Management Services (NAPIMS),Mr Dafe Sejebor  over alleged  corruption and marginalisation of contractors from the region and tasked security operatives “to fish out those after the life of the NAPIMS boss”.

One Terry who claimed to be writing on behalf of the Urhobo Youth Council Worldwide had accused the NAPIMS boss of fraudulent practice of obtaining money from Contractors.

The said Terry had also accused the  NAPIMS boss in his write-up of being behind the demobilisation of the Vessel of one Chief Henry Ojogho from  Mobil, claiming the development was causing a lot of problems in Delta State.

He  had warned the NAPIMS boss to tell  Mobil to remobilised the Vessel of the said Chief Henry Ojogho and had added that the marginalisation of  Deltans in NAPIMS by Mr Dafe Sejebor will no longer be tolerated.

napimsBut in a press statement signed by its President, Nelly Emma; Secretary, John Sailor and Public Relations Officer, Stanley Mukoro, the group exnorated the NAPIMS boss of allegations against him, saying that some elements being used by disgruntled Contractors were just out to tarnish the good image of  the NAPIMS boss.

According to the group; “Our findings have shown that Mr Dafe Sejebor, NAPIMS boss has nothing to do with the demobilisation of the Vessel of Chief Henry Ojogho by Mobil. If he has issues with Mobil, he  should find a way of resolving  such issues  with Mobil  and leave an innocent man out of it”.

The group added that; “As a credible oil monitoring group, our investigation has revealed that the said Terry is a loner and do not have the backing of the Urhobo Youth Council Worldwide and he should stop soiling the image of the Urhobo Youth Council. Our checks have shown too that he once claimed to be fighting the cause of the Ijaw people and today  it is the turn of the Urhobo people . To the best of our knowledge, NAPIMS under the watch of Mr Dafe Sejebor has been very transparent and he should be encouraged by all and sundry.”

On the allegation that Mr Dafe was marginalising Deltans in NAPIMS, the group said that;”.This is a pure lie and should be ignored. Deltans and the entire people of the Niger Delta Region are having their fair share in NAPIMS and even our local contractors are being carried along on merit. Without NAPIMS, it would have been very difficult for Nigerian local contractors to be awarded contracts. These allegations against the hard-working NAPIMS boss  are unacceptable to us and the entire people of the oil-rich Niger Delta region.”

While warning those being used to  give the NAPIMS  boss, Mr Dafe a bad name and mislead the public, the group tasked Security Operatives to fish out such elements and bring them to book, saying their threat messages to the NAPIMS boss should be investigated properly.

” We know those that have been hired to   rubbish  the good reputation of  the Group General Manager of NAPIMS. They are not representing the people they are claiming to be fighting for; they are on selfish mission and this is why we are calling on security operatives to smoke such bad elements out and deal with them appropriately “, group stated.

The group added:

” These elements  who have been sending threat messages  to the NAPIMS boss and those they are working for  should be investigated by security operatives  and dealt with, otherwise this will weaken the morale of the likes of the NAPIMS boss who are doing a great job for our  people by promoting the Nigerian Local Content. People are always going against things that are not to their favour. These people are selfish, greedy and out to blackmail the hard-working NAPIMS boss, Mr Dafe”.

“Let it be known that the NAPIMS boss alone cannot take the decision of contract award, due process must be followed and it is very wrong and unacceptable for a government worker to be threatened with text messages because their pay master  failed to secure a particular contract. Let the DSS do  their investigation and fish out those that have been sending threat messages to the NAPIMS boss,” the group wrote.

The group added “It is on this note that we want to pass confidence vote on  the NAPIMS  boss, Mr Dafe Sejebor for his good works. The NAPIMS  boss should  be   commended  for the promotion of the Nigerian Local Content; for giving Deltans and the entire people of the Niger Delta Region a sense of belonging and not condemnation, this is not acceptable and the general public should ignore all the false allegations against the NAPIMS boss. Our Security Operatives must also beef up security around the NAPIMS boss and  should  treat the threat messages with the desired seriousness.”