Pepper farming process in Badagry [A Reporter’s Diary] #SmallBusinessSeries

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We walked into a section of fresh sprouting scotch bonnet glittering in the sun with colours of green, yellow and scarlet red.

Scotch bonnet also called Ata rodo in Yoruba, is one of the most used ingredients and always marked present in the attendance of a Nigerian kitchen. Hence it is one of the fast-selling in the market. Because of its flavour, aroma and colourful look, it’s seen as one of the most important spices in every meal but most importantly the nutrient present resulting in healthy gains. This makes pepper production, especially scotch bonnet present in the back yard or small portion of the land of mostly every landowner in Ilogbo-Eremi Badagry.

“Another reason I planted pepper is that it helps saves time and money. Agbara market is far and having my own pepper farm doesn’t require much land because it can survive under the sunlight and easy to nurture.” Mercy also an owner of a small portion of pepper farm proudly explains as I couldn’t help but take pictures of the colourful healthy glittering scotch bonnet.

Scotch bonnet in a farm at Ilogbo-Eremi, Badagry


Pepper is highly beneficial and essential for healthy health development due to its nutrients, vitamins, mineral and antioxidants content.

Spicing and Flavouring: Because of the sweet flavour and beckoning aroma, pepper is used in flavouring different dishes like stews, soups, porridge, and jollof rice. Though widely used but more popular among the Yoruba because of the great amount used in making stew, which brought about the special name ‘Yoruba stew’. Also used in stir frying chicken which gives it an unbeatable flavour and aroma while pleasing the eyes and given the name ‘pepper chicken’.

Colour Agent: apart from the flavour and aroma, pepper is used as a colour agent to garnish meals.

Chest congestion: During chest congestion,  liquid soups when made with enough pepper helps in stimulating secretions and clears mucus from lungs and sinuses. Also helps in relief of cold.

DISCLAIMER: This post is for enlightenment purposes only and should not in any way be used as a replacement for professional diagnostics and treatment. Always consult your doctor or health care provider before any health-related decisions or for guidance, counselling and treatment about a specific medical condition.

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