Oil & Gas: Group Dismiss SR Allegation Against NAPIMS Boss



THE Niger Delta Indigenous Movement for Radical Change (NDIMRC) has given the Group General Manager of National Petroleum Investment Management Services (NAPIMS),Mr Dafe Sejebor a clean bill of health over what it described as unfounded allegations.

Sahara Reporters had reported that the NAPIMS Boss and the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Dr Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu were pressuring oil giant, Addax Petroleum to purchase a building allegedly owned by businessman, Mr Jide Omokore for 48 Million Dollars above the asking price.

But the oil monitoring group dismissed the accusation against the Minister and the NAPIMS Boss and gave them a clean bill of health, saying Sahara Reporters goofed again.

In a press statement signed by its President, Nelly Emma; Secretary, John Sailor and Public Relations Officer, Stanley Mukoro, the group exnorated the Minister and the NAPIMS boss of allegations against them, saying that some elements who never wished them well were at their familiar blackmailing game again just to tarnish the good image of the Minister and the NAPIMS boss.

The group said it never accused Mr Sejebor of corruption and urged Sahara Reporters to refrain from misleading members of the public.

According to the group; “Our findings have shown that Mr Dafe Sejebor, NAPIMS Boss is innocent of the accusation against him that he is pressuring Addax Petroleum to purchase a building for its Headquarters for 115 Million Dollars, while the building is priced at 67 Million Dollars. There is no iota of truth in this allegation. It is also not true that our credible group accused Mr Sejebor of corruption in July this year. We never at no time accused him of corruption as we have no reason to do so”.

“In July, this group passed confidence vote on the NAPIMS Boss, Dafe Sejebor when he was wrongly accused of corruption and marginalisation by one Terry who claimed at the time to be writing on behalf of the Urhobo Youth Council Worldwide. We never accused him of corruption and therefore, Sahara Reporters should stop feeding members of the public with lies. To the best of our knowledge, NAPIMS under the watch of Mr Dafe Sejebor has been very transparent and he should be encouraged by all and sundry”, the group said.

The group added that;” As a credible oil monitoring group, our investigation revealed that Mr Dafe Sejebor never purchased a house in Houston, Texas valued at between 1.2 and 1.4 Million Dollars. It is also not true that the NAPIMS Boss has a front in the United States who has established companies in the US to use for his various dodgy schemes as claimed by the Sahara Reporters. These are laughable allegations and calculated attempt to blackmail the NAPIMS Boss. These unfounded allegations against the hard-working NAPIMS Boss are unacceptable to us and the entire people of the oil-rich Niger Delta Region.”

“Our checks also revealed that the issue of the property in question has been on for over 13 years and has nothing to do with the Petroleum Minister and the NAPIMS Boss. We are blaming Addax Petroleum over the allegations. Addax Petroleum is deeply behind the allegations as a result of its violation of the Joint Venture Law. Addax Petroleum is not respecting the JV Law”.

While imploring Addax Petroleum to act as a responsible Company, the group stated that; “It is on this note that we want to give the NAPIMS boss, Mr Dafe Sejebor a clean of health over these fresh allegations against him and to urge him not to be distracted, but to continue his good works”.

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