Nzuriaiki: Nigerian entrepreneur creates a volunteer platform for “good work”

Nigerian social entrepreneur, Raquel Kasham Daniel has launched a new portal where organisations and volunteers can find opportunities to collaborate for noble causes. Coined from two words, Nzuri (Swahili) and Aiki (Hausa), Nzuriaiki means “good or beautiful work.”

Launched and fully functional since September 28th, 2020, showcases and helps people to do good work. Beyond non-profit organisations, other businesses can request volunteers on the platform for free.

As a non-profit founder, Raquel says she always gets requests from people especially nonprofits regarding where to find volunteers. Volunteers also ask where they can find opportunities. “That was how the idea for Nzuriaiki came to me,” she said.

The platform is not only free; it is also easy to use. Anyone can simply sign up, verify their account, and complete their profile after which they can search and apply then wait to be contacted by the organisation.

Organisations can also sign up, verify account and upload either a long or a short term volunteer opportunity. They can customize the message that volunteers receive at the point of application for short-term volunteering, which could be an event. They upload and wait for volunteers to apply, export the sheet and contact the volunteers.

If it’s a position – like a social media volunteer for instance – they export the sheet, interview, select the candidates, then click accept on the candidates name on their dashboard on the website and it will show on the history of the volunteer.

Nzuriaiki considers the Nigerian Network of NGOs, and the NYSC as strategic partners in its quest to make it easy for Nigerian youths to find volunteer opportunities that will enable them to learn skills that will make them employable. “In the next 5 years, through Nzuriaiki, we want to not only connect the youths to volunteer and internship opportunities but also drive a culture of volunteerism and service in the heart of Nigerians,” Raquel concluded.

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