NOUN, PhoneDoctor to train entrepreneurial Nigerian graduates


(1) For the past consecutive two years, sales of laptops and desktops have dropped by 45%

(2) In the same period, sales of smart mobile devices like iPads, Smartphones and handheld devices have soared by 60%

(3) There are currently over 400 million smart mobile devices in Nigeria

(4) This trend will continue well into the future as schools, businesses and government are fast adopting tablets and smart devices for their day to day activities

There is a worrisome SHORTFALL in the know-how required for supporting these smart devices.

Together with National Open University of Nigeria, PhoneDoctor Service is offering a loaded ONE WEEK training on Mobile Device Mastery and Repair. The training is designed to help you hit the road running with the lucrative business idea.

Here’s what you get after this One Week Technical and Entrepreneurship Training:

  • A Certificate of Completion issued by the National Open University of Nigeria Centre for Lifelong Learning.
  • You will automatically be keyed into the privileged reference database of Certified Professional Device Management Support Association
  • Technical skills to work with ALL Smartphone devices from IOS to Android devices with no limitation on device brand.
  • A Complete Smartphone Repair Kit which gets you started from day one and you can begin earning money right away.
  • Lifetime mentorship and support from so you can have a smooth ride running your business!
  • Increase your employability with major Smartphone manufacturers if you chose to be employed

Cost? N180,000 investment in 7 days

What you should do right now?

Step 1: Do not WORRY about the tuition first! Don’t shoot yourself on the foot! Once you start thinking about the money first, forget it! I’ve seen it happen thousands of times… young people sabotaging themselves and missing life-changing opportunities by first asking “Where in the world will I get the money?” The first thing is to ramp up your desire for this once in a lifetime, destiny unlocking opportunity…

GOOD NEWS: PhoneDoctor has arranged with GTB, Skye Bank and Union Bank for limited financial assistance for successful students… but that’s not the point. The point is that if you want your future bad enough, the money will appear!

Step 2: Go to and REGISTER.

Step 3: Use the PROMO CODE “MYTIME” to qualify for a discount and a bundle of rare business ebooks to support your Smartphone repair business.

If you want to speak personally with a PhoneDoctor Representative, here are their contact details: Make sure you always quote the promo code MYTIME in your correspondence with them or you will lose the special discount.

 0800 PHONE DR (0800 746 6337) OR 0700 PHONE DR (0700 746 6337)




Or VISIT the office at 2/4 Davies Street, 3rd Floor Kingsway Building, Marina, Lagos.

Courtesy: Ogbo Awoke Ogbo

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