Nigeria’s Fashion Entrepreneurs Gets Coworking Space

The culture of co-working spaces, hubs and accelerators continue unabated as a new one has just opened in Surulere. This targets the fashion niche.

Arguably the next big deal in Nigeria, many entrepreneurs have emerged in fashion than most special crafts in Nigeria. Their needs range from machinery to office space where they can work and create, to runways where they can flaunt their creativity.

Meanwhile, securing a work space in Lagos can be a business killer. Hence the need to create a workspace for these bubbly entrepreneurs to express themselves, free from financial inhibition.

Space where they can find specific materials for production and a chance at mentoring and professional advice. Space like 360Creative Hub.


360Creative Hub is the first fashion co-working space in Lagos. Situated in the heart of Surulere at NO 34 Ajao Road off Olufemi Street off Ogunlana drive Surulere, it is home to a dozen of fashion designers who need an affordable space with all the needed machinery that can make work easy and creativity grand.

According to Blessing Achu, CEO, 360 Creative Hub, the space is focused on promoting the development and consolidation of fashion companies.

“As in all co-working space, 360 Creative Hub gives fashion entrepreneurs, access to their own private space where they can dream and imagine designs with the co-factoring section where, they will find all the specific machine they need for production, creating and building their passion.”

360Creative Hub is a creative and collaborative co-working space dedicated to the fashion industry. Our collective space provides a platform for brands and fashion-focused individuals to come together to work, collaborate, converse, and ultimately, achieve their dreams. We believe in coming together and building a dynamic, fashion-focused community where work and play is the motto.


The goal is to provide the equilibrium needed to grow a business and to create a world of fashion. 360Creative Space is unique because it provides graduates and emerging designers with not just a collaborative workspace but a vibrant network of fashion specialists (such as pattern makers, illustrators, and machinists) as well as fashion partners (such as advertising, marketing, graphic designers and accountants).

This complete end-to-end service at designers fingertips is a first-to-market fashion house ensuring designers are supported all the way, through the fashion ecosystem – including getting their collections to market.


Memberships are available to all fashion designers, be it your profession or hobby. 360 Creative Hub is a co-working space to bring creative minds together. Our members have full access to all kinds of tools and machines that the studio offers a Monthly or Weekly basis, 24/7.

For further enquiries call +8091338293 or visit