Nigerian Content: Stakeholders Hold Forum To Tackle Challenges

Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB), National Assembly Legislators & Oil & Gas Industry will convene in November at Practical Nigerian Content Forum.

Engr Simbi Wabote, Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board will convene with legislators including, Senator Donald Alasoadura, Chairman – Senate Committee on Petroleum Resources (Upstream) and Hon Emmanuel Ekon, Chairman of the House Committee on Local Content, and the Nigerian oil & gas industry to discuss sustaining Nigerian Content initiatives in the current economic climate.

Lower oil prices and reduced industry activities have the Nigerian oil and gas industry asking two questions surrounding Nigerian Content compliance requirements. Firstly, what level of compliance is realistic amid the current operating environment? Secondly, what hidden opportunities can be discovered through Nigerian Content initiatives in the oil and gas sector and within other industries?

Theme of the forum is ‘Re-energising Nigerian Content for Todays’ Operating Environment’ the 6th annual Practical Nigerian Content (PNC) Forum, taking place from 22-24 November 2016 and held in Abuja for the first time, will explore the challenges being faced by industry players and facilitate the development of new strategies to strengthen Nigerian Content in todays’ operating environment. Engr Simbi Wabote, addressing the plans of the NCDMB declared:

“We are going to take stock of how far we have implemented the Act, where have we made progress and [ask] where do we need to change our tact and strategies? How have we been able to achieve some of the targets set out in the schedule? Where are we in each of those categories and the big ones we need to focus on to move to the next level?”

Dr Anthony Akah, Ag Chairman & CEO of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission and Inye Kemabonta, Ag National Coordinator for the Office of Nigerian Content in Information & Communication Technology will also join Engr Wabote and Hon Ekon to discuss Nigerian Content legislation and governance in the Power and ICT sectors.

Other speakers at the PNC Forum will include: Mordecai Ladan, Director, Department of Petroleum Resources; Dafe Sejebor, Group General Manager, NAPIMS; Bank Anthony Okoroafor – Chairman, Petroleum Technology Association of Nigeria (PETAN); Clay Neff – Chairman, Oil Producers’ Trade Section (OPTS); Andrew Olotu – Chairman, Petroleum Contractors’ Trade Section (OPTS); Chiedu Oba, General Manager – Nigerian Content Development, Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria; Olusoga Oduselu, General Manager – Nigerian Content Development, Chevron Nigeria; Taofiq Adegbite, Chief Executive Officer, Marine Platforms and Dele Aikhionbare, Nigerian Content Director, Schlumberger.