Network Advocates Better Startup Research

Since it was initiated just over a year ago, the Global Entrepreneurship Research Network (GERN) has joined many of the world’s leading entrepreneurship research funders under one umbrella. With one common goal and shared resources, GERN has been active on several new collaborative research projects since its March annual meeting during the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Milan.

“The need has never been greater for better research,” Phil Auerswald, a GERN co-chair, recently said. “GERN’s initiatives are addressing this by examining the key drivers of entrepreneurial ecosystems, aligning research agendas, and helping policy makers and program leaders understand what works when it comes to fostering and supporting the world’s entrepreneurs.”

Most recently, GERN set the parameters for a new collaborative research project to identify the most useful government data sets for gauging entrepreneurial growth and the infrastructure required to collect, track and analyze the numbers. Leading the effort are Mariarosa Lunati of the OECD, Fulvia Farinelli of UNCTAD, and Amisha Miller of the Kauffman Foundation, who recently joined Professor Auerswald and GEN President Jonathan Ortmans as a GERN co-chair.

GERN has also spearheaded recent discussions about collaborative research of initiatives aiming to strengthen a culture of entrepreneurship.  Led by Anthony Farr of the South Africa-based Allan Gray Orbis Foundation, this project will focus on examining key questions about entrepreneurial education and mindset. Another GERN-forged collaboration among the Aspen Network for Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE), Emory University, and USAID is taking a deep look into the key determinates of successful accelerators.

Joining forces to map entrepreneurial ecosystems, five GERN members – Endeavor Insight, the Inter-American Development Bank, MarS, Mercy Corps, and the World Bank – have set out to cover 100 global cities. Led by Endeavor Insight, completed maps to date include Cairo and New York City.

While there are many forums for entrepreneurship researchers to share their work, the same cannot be said of forums for their funders. GERN is designed to fill this void by providing its world leading members with opportunities to meet, share, collaborate through joint research projects, and to compare results and validate methods and findings.

GERN is developing the next generation of entrepreneurship research, and driving a movement to establish open, standardized data resources so that the researchers they support may focus on examining fundamental questions about accelerating entrepreneur-led growth.

For more detailed information about GERN’s activities and members, have a look at its website:

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