My generation…of resilient innovators and entrepreneurs

As weird as this might sound, what encourages me is actually in reverse. When I look at the many problems we are faced with daily, especially as an African, it encourages me. Because when there are a lot of problems, on the reverse side it means there are a lot of solutions, and when solutions are being created for a particular problem, it turns to opportunity.

So being someone who tends to see things differently, problems to me means there are a lot of things I can solve, solutions I can create to benefit others and myself. A tricky fact I have come to understand so far in 23 years of existence is that solutions are like a gift that comes wrapped in problems. Problems allow us the leverage of being productive and brain activity.

I have thought my mindset to learn that Problem is one funny “frenemy” that keeps me on my toes to become better, away from my bed sometimes at night preparing for tomorrow’s game, that helps put my lucrative minds to work.  I believe we are all created with a lucrative mind, to think, strategise, and bring up solutions to a problem. I call this being “solution wise”

But because we are blinded by the weight of our problems, we think there is nothing that can be done. In as much as this is thought to be true, we forget that a lot of opportunities been handed to us freely and services we enjoy today at the comfort of our home, office, Education field or wherever we are active at a given moment or time, was once not within reach, because they were once a problem waiting to be solved.

Of Course I do not pray for problems, but every day we face problems, and this gives us the ability to be great thinkers. Problem is like an alarm to our brain, like a wakeup call to seek for solution. The exciting hidden thing about solving a problem is creating opportunities for other people to become something, to become more. Giving people the platform to become less idle in a meaningful way that is self and society beneficial.

As an African, Nigerian to be precise, what encourages me is our resilient spirit. our strong will not to sink in the ocean of our pain and how unbreakable we are in a challenging situation. No matter the pain life throws at us even unexpectedly, we always magically somehow, find a way to surface still. It’s like a common energy we share effortlessly here in Nigeria. It will amaze you how easy and normal it’s for us to laugh through serious situations, not like we don’t know it’s serious but we unconsciously believe it is how we try to keep our sanity intact while trying to find a solution. I am one who strongly believes that worries have never been a provider of solutions.

Being resilient encourages me to be calm in tough situations. And has always been of great help to me when choked with difficult situations. For instance, I go over social media to laugh at a meme, a joke or comedy. Or hang out with a friend or two to laugh and have fun.  When I return to face the difficult situation, it becomes easy to think and tackle the problem. It has helped build my mindset on the fact that laughter is the best medicine.

So as weird as this might sound, making jokes and laughing when faced with difficulties is how we survive, how we surface through oceans of life, endless struggle, how we open the window of our mind to breathe, relax and think. Better ways to dance through pain, preventing sadness from sucking us dry of our happiness and our courage to hope for a better tomorrow.

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