My generation…of misplaced priorities and inanities!

It’s an undeniable truth that social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and the likes of them has greatly helped in uniting us yet far away and also impacted a lot of lives in the areas of business, education, charity, and a lot more. But it enrages me greatly that this main purpose of social media has been overlooked and ignored.

As much as social media is so valuable in our day to day living, it has created a sad feeling called “social media pressure”. Social media has set a lot of standards for people to live by. Steady following trends and drifting away from what should be the right thing. It’s so sad how people are pressured by what they see on social media thus indulging them into the wrong path which is popularly known as “the shortcut or easy way”. And the funniest part is that most of these people we tend to look up to on social media create in us the feeling of pressure, in real life are not what they claim to be or showcase to be.

It’s so enraging how people use social media in showcasing fake lifestyles making us; the youth wonder if education is even necessary. I even have once been a victim to this thought and have also come across people who still think education is not really important. And am not talking about the ones who are not privileged to be educated.  Even people that are not privileged to be educated are now blinded to the fact that they indeed have the potential of using their brain to expand their creativity. I strongly believe that no one was created without a purpose, thus our ability to be naturally skillful and intelligent in different things, and that they can create solutions to a huge problem, that there are meaningful opportunities out there for them to succeed!

But it’s terribly sad but true that the only opportunities youth see in our generation are indulging themselves into cybercrimes, fraudulent activities and illegal ways to make ends meet. It’s so alarming how it has become the societal norm, thus continuously degrading our supernatural ability as humans to conquer.

It feels really sad when I think of my generation in the long run in this aspect of social media pressure. Of how much parenting will be so hard to do when our children support themselves with the social media idea of “fake it till you make it” kind of lifestyle. On how much marriage comes to a point of divorce when couples consciously or unconsciously compare their marital life to that of social media couple goals.

Obviously we cannot shut our lives away from the internet but we can always find our way around dwelling only on its main purpose which is enhancing creativity in making our world a better place not just only our generation but the sake of generations to come. and so it would be a huge thing if awareness of social media pressure is created and taken seriously, thus making solutions possible!

Another thing that’s proven enraged to me is how the educational system suffers due to lack of funds, thus promoting cybercrimes, fraudulent activities and illegal lifestyles. Ideas wasted in caskets buried six feet deep. Street flooded with talent waiting to be discovered, passion burning out from financial encouragement, hunger taking away our right to live and twisting good people to become bad. It’s funny how people who praise other country rather than their own are being dragged on social media and reality for abandoning their country when actually it’s the country who first abandons her citizens. I’m not saying it’s a good thing to hold high regard for another country than one’s own country, but if the government and authorities had done better, it wouldn’t be so. Let be realistic and honest with ourselves!

We see politicians giving a fellow politician what he or she can afford, whereas there are people out there, in the street begging for tomorrow’s meals. It’s sad how when this point is being raised, I tend to get attacked by “They work for their money, they can do whatever they see fit or pleases them” which of course it’s true but what has happened to democracy “of the people, by the people, for the people”?

We citizens have also formed the habit of being deeply engrossed by little or nothing of value is seriously enraging. Whiling away the time on matters or things that are non-beneficial to us or the society in any way mentally, physically, or emotionally but rather stealing away our attention from the things that truly matter.

For instance i go on social media and see how people argue about who is a better artiste who is the best dressed and who is the best sex therapist. oh of course do not quote me wrong, this can be a good thing and a way to entertain ourselves but the problem is we have made it so that we have invested so much of something as huge and useful as our voice to things that we should keep us entertained and less of our voice to things that affect our economy!

We have become fond of degrading ourselves and creating an atmosphere of hate amongst ourselves on irrelevant issues. If we invest more of our time on things improving ourselves education-wise, business, skills, enhancing our talent, or talk about pressing issues affecting our economy making the world unsafe, then we wouldn’t wait on the government to solve every single problem we face in our country! A very painful truth we need to accept. To all of this, I will say most of us have fallen victims to misplaced priority.

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