My generation…and the curse of racism

Another thing that enrages me when it comes to my generation is racism. White hating on blacks because of our skin colour, feeling because we are born black, it makes them more superior than we are. And mostly thinking we are less useful to society which of course is hilarious when we take a walk down history.

Denying blacks the opportunities to live freely, to talk and express their thoughts independently, devaluing their opinion. Making them vulnerable and victims to police brutality. For instance, Goerge Floyd, Bryeona Taylor and many of them in America, which is still currently an ongoing protest on social media.

Apart from racism another sad part is tribalism which is not widely talked about as racism. Especially in Africa where this is a very huge problem. It has affected our educational system when universities here in Nigeria practice the act of picking out their indigenes before considering other states who are grade worthy to be granted admission to their university. It has affected the decisions of making a rightful lifetime partner, when parents are more interested in tribes than lifetime happiness.

It has affected our politic lifestyle or rather mindset, greatly in my country Nigeria where Yoruba which is known as the westerners and Hausa known as the northerners, are more privileged to rule than the Igbo known as the easterners, including other parts of Easterners that are not Igbo, like Edo, and so on. Thus making the easterners crave the need to separate themselves and form another country of their own called Biafra Which has been fought for once and sadly resulted in a brutal war in 1967-1970 which the course was failed!

Racism and tribalism has really sucked us dry of humanity as humans and it’s high time we created awareness on the fact that we are one and none is inferior regardless of race or tribe!

There are indeed a lot of things not mentioned that encourages me and enrages me, which I honestly wish I could mention but with this few points of both, I am greatly pleased on the fact that I am able to speak on my Generation and somehow things can be improved, changes made, awareness created, while we strive to make the world a better place not only for our generation but raising the mountain higher for other generation to see further!

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