How to grow your food business online in Lagos

Before social media and modern technologies, businesspeople largely depended on walk-in traffic, print media reviews, and word-of-mouth buzz. The digital age has made customers access information at their convenience, decide what to do with their time, and make purchases online.

This creates more opportunities for small, local food merchants. A low-quality vendor with a huge budget may still get lots of business just because he or she can afford the rent at that location just across from the bus station, but a small business owner (cake baker) operating out of a home kitchen can now find success as well. With the right new media marketing and branding approach, everyone’s got a shot at a piece of the pie.

Question to Ask?

What is most essential to every online food business that makes them want to stay in business? – You want to make sure your growth is consistent

And how do you do that!

Here are five tactics you should consider when you are trying to promote your food business online, and how your business can be found online, also how to get traffic of customers buying your edibles.

  1. NETWORK WITH COLLEAGUES ONLINE: Networking is about taking the opportunities you have in meeting with people. Twitter, Facebook, IG, PODS are fantastic ways to do so. If you see a post of a food vendor wanting to organize an event or organizing a food fair, try to RE-tweet, Post on your stories you never know you may get a favor next time. Joining pods also are ways to network in recent times, because it’s a big platform where different vendors both food and other entrepreneurs gather to promote each other Never forget the internet is a good place to start conversations and create friendships.
  • SHARE COOKING TIPS/RECIPES: As a food business, Quality/Value is important for your brand. If you preach value/Quantity then try to give value to people by post cooking tips and videos or recipes on your page. By doing this you are keeping your customers in the loop, and you may be building a strong and loyal customer base for your brand.
  • ONLINE ENGAGEMENT: Social media is a platform used to connect with your audience, to build your brand, increase sales, and drive traffic (from the audience). As a food vendor, you need to understand the importance of online engagement. Try to
  • Do live cooking videos
  • Share quality pictures/videos
  • Create a Brand Hashtags and always add your hashtag on your pictures
  • Try to create online polls to ask question
  • TRY TO BE SIMPLE (Do not overdo things): Social media is a grate platform to grow your business and connect with people through actual/organic customer base, but it is also important that you are careful with the way you communicate with them, try not to bore them with too much information, be simple and smart with your information to keep them wanting for the next post.
  • BE AVAILABLE: Running an online business requires an online presence, make sure you are always available for your audience. A customer wants to be attended to as soon as possible or he/she is not encouraged/convince to patronize.

I hope you found this post helpful and will actually implement a thing or two from here.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to share with another business owner

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