GEW presents 10X10 hackathon for young startup entrepreneurs

10x10_logo_small110×10 is a three-day hackathon that brings together some of the future’s most promising young entrepreneurs to tackle a compelling problem facing the global community. Named for the number of countries sending participants as well as the number of teams competing, 10×10 will take place September 20-23 during the GEC2 in Split, Croatia.

Designed to inspire and rally the next generation of entrepreneurs, the goals of 10×10 are much larger than simply launching startup solutions to a global problem. 10×10 aims to equip the international community of young people with the tools to build the next generation of startups. When the competition concludes competitors will have launched a business, established relationships with their peers around the world, and gained new perspectives on entrepreneurship to share with their home communities.

Incredible things happen when you gather 70 promising young people from around the world in one place! Teams must draw from their cultural diversity, energy, and specific skill sets to tackle real world problems and create marketable solutions. 10×10 aims to inspire and rally the next generation of entrepreneurs to solve the world’s problems: one startup at a time.GEW

Do You Have What It Takes?

Each competitor must be between the ages of 18-30 and fall into one of the 3 following categories:

  • Developer: “I code, hack, and build cool stuff!”
  • Select this if you’re a software, web, or mobile developer.
  • Designer: “I create stunning experiences!”
  • Select this if you have a background in web design, mobile design, UX/UI or graphic design.
  • Non-Technical: “I have ideas and know how to sell!”
  • Select this if you’re a hustler with a non-technical background in marketing, PR, or business management.

Still think you have what it takes? There are only 70 spots so apply HERE now!  Selected participants will be provided with travel and accommodations. The deadline to apply is July 18th.

IMPORTANT: You will be asked for a “Title of Business/Concept” and a “Business/Concept Summary” during registration. Please enter your name and a one sentence blurb about yourself instead. 10×10 does not require you to have a business concept in advance and this information will not be considered while evaluating your application.

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