ENTER: Citi Mobile Challenge For Creative Techpreneurs

citiCiti Mobile Challenge is coming to Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) in search of ideas which can change the way we bank. They invite the best and the brightest talent to harness their APIs to bring their vision to life. You will retain the intellectual property for the solution you develop.


1. Consumer solutions

Consumers demand a great service from their bank. How can you make what we offer even better? Solutions in this category should help us provide them with personalized, intuitive products and services that transform how they think about banking.

2. Business solutions

Develop the next big FinTech solution for Citi’s business clients. These clients range from small businesses to large corporations and include institutions, organizations and governments. We want to provide the financial technology tools and services to help these clients fuel progress in their industries.


The APIs made available through Citi® Mobile Challenge power some of Citi’s latest digital offerings and will give developers an opportunity to create apps and other innovations that could function with existing Citi technology. No customer data will be shared. Citi will also encourage developers to use APIs outside of Citi to support and add additional features to their innovations.

Here are some of the APIs that selected participants will have access to beginning March 13th.

Consumer Retail Banking

Checking, Savings and Credit-Cards

Account Balance and Transactions Inquiry

Transfers and Bill Payments

Branch and ATM locations

Institutional Clients

Pre-Paid Debit Cards

Create Account

Add Funds

Balance Inquiry

Update Profile

Close Account

Corporate Payments

Account Creation

Balance and Transactions Inquiry

Manage Beneficiaries

Initiate Payments

Markets and Security Services

Place Order

Cancel Order

Order Status Inquiry

Customer Relationship Management

List Clients/Accounts
Revenue Profile Inquiry


Create and deploy your apps with a 90 day free trial on IBM Bluemix


Citi and MasterCard are working together to present the following selection of featured APIs from MasterCard available on MasterCard’s Developer Zone:

Simplify Commerce (supported in UK and EU)

Merchant Identifier

MoneySend, Places

MasterPass Merchant Checkout

Fraud Scoring for Merchants

Lost & Stolen


Citi and Uber are collaborating to make available a selection of featured APIs.

Grameen Foundation

MOTECH Suite is a collection of tools which allow the deployment of mobile information services at scale in developing countries. The key use cases supported by MOTECH Suite are data collection and orchestration of that data within the broader systems, training of frontline workers, and outreach to clients. MOTECH can interact with clients and frontline workers using methods most appropriate to the context, including basic SMS, voice, or smartphone interfaces. MOTECH is deployed in more than 15 countries with hundreds of thousands of clients.


Total of USD $100,000 in cash awards. Finalists also have the opportunity to be invited to explore a commercial relationship with Citi, as well as the opportunity to be selected for fast track participation in our sponsor accelerator programs, which could include mentoring, office space and/or investment.


Prototypes will be judged on a combination of the following criteria:

• Integration to Citi platforms
• Uniqueness
• Innovation
• Business potential
• Functionality
• Usability
• Scalability
• Rapidly add value to business
• Easily implemented