ENTER: 2018 Cartier Women’s Initiave Awards For Women Entrepreneurs

For its 2018 edition, the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards are looking for inspirational women entrepreneurs worldwide starting up their business, in all fields of activities, to solve contemporary global challenges.

Since its inception in 2006 and in less than a decade, the programme has become a transformative step in the lives of 181 women entrepreneurs in over 46 countries, creating over 5,000 jobs.

The 18 finalists, representing the top 3 projects from each of the 6 regions, will receive:
· One-to-one personalized business coaching prior to the Awards week
· Series of entrepreneurship workshops, knowledge sessions and networking events during the Awards week
· Media visibility
· A place on the INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship 6-Day Executive Programme (ISEP)
· Networking opportunities through the Cartier Awards community

First prize for the 6 laureates to be announced at the Awards Ceremony in Singapore:
· US$ 100 000 in prize money
· One-to-one personalized business mentoring

Second prize for the 12 finalists:
· US$ 30 000 in prize money

The Call for Applications is open until August 31st on: https://application-form.cartierwomensinitiative.com/

In 2017, Salma Abdulai from Ghana was Laureate for the Sub-Sharan region with her company Unique Quality Product that processes and markets fonio- an indigenous nutritious cereal which grows well even in harsh climates- providing training and credit facilities to farmers. Who will be our Laureate in 2018?

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