Here are empowering people. Award: Shortlist

Today is the day! Organisers have announce the finalists of our empowering people. Award and open the international online voting for the Community Prize!

Please explore the shortlisted projects 2016 here and register your vote for the Community Prize. This additional prize is selected exclusively by the public and as innovators you can offer a qualified expert response. The winner of this Prize will receive equipment to the value of 3,000 Euros, supporting his/her project.

Even if your project did not make it onto the shortlist, please do not be disheartened. As like-minded change-makers, we would like to welcome you to our empowering people endeavor. The empowering people. Network is a vibrant group of activists working in developmental cooperation and our Network offers free and open opportunities, whether it is capacity building, online coaching sessions or Online Bootcamps – you’ll certainly find something of interest in this offering.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks for entering competition. As you know, empowering people in impoverished regions is a long-term endeavor and this is why the Solutions Database not only contains winning solutions but also innovative best-practice projects entered in the last contest. The Award has helped us to identify a host of wonderful inventions, such as yours, and this is why we would like to remain in contact with you and include similar promising submissions here.

To stay informed about all our activities, do subscribe to our monthly newsletter. Registering for this Network Update is easy, just follow the link and add your details here.

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