Complustech creates Church+ for church management, administration

Complustech Nigeria Limited has launched Church+ v2 solution, perfect for churches, fellowships and Ministries to overcome administrative and management dilemmas.


…Targets 10,000 Churches In 6 Months

… Mobile Church App Aids Churches’ In Online Giving, Donation  and Member Engagement

Speaking to newsmen on Tuesday at Co-Creation Hub, Lagos, venue of the product launch, CEO, Complustech Nigeria Limited, Peter Ihesie, described the tool as dream come true, and aimed at helping churches build better relationship with members, manage full administrative operations, improve communications and connections and measure performance at any time.

He disclosed that, due to Church+’s flexible, seamless and user-friendly interface; they were upbeat to reach at least 10,000 churches across the country within the next six (6) months.

According to him, Church+ v2 apart from being amazing, simple and effective software for church management and administration, it offers users Better Membership Management; Performance Analysis; Accounting; Improves SMS and Email communication

Today, in Nigeria, Church+ remains the right solution, with cutting-edge advantages, offering automated birthday and anniversary email and SMS messages to members on special days; this improves the member to church relationships thereby reducing outflow. It offers effective church performance management and helps the churches measure progress better. Church+ even provides many analytical tools best suited for churches to achieve this!

“By using the double entry and fund accounting methodology, church+ provides churches with flexible, simple and proper accounting system for better church financial recording and reporting. Also, with a scheduled church service email and sms reminder, church+ automatically notifies members of activity date and time when due, thereby improving overall attendance. Aside that, Church+ uses the modern cloud based technology, such that, pastors and administrators can access the solution via mobile and web, from anywhere with internet access”.20150224_121016

The CEO, Complustech Nigeria Limited, added that with “People Management” feature, Churches can, “Easily manage the information of members of the church, new converts and first timers. The Solution has powerful search functionality with quick email and SMS that makes the feature quite special”, while ‘Special First-timer Management’ feature makes it the “Most Complete First timer management and follow up system that aids churches, Fellowships and ministries with the needed tools to effectively follow-up your first timers automatically and measure your retention rate”.

He explained that with a token subscription fee, Church+ can be deployed to Churches, Fellowships, Missions or Ministries, mobile, desktop, Private Single Branch Cloud Online Deployment Model or Private Multi Branch Cloud Online Deployment and these do not require special training for usage and adoption.

On the Church Mobile App He stated the mobile will enable churches to engage with members on the go. given the large adoption of mobile devices by members, church+ mobile app will allow them share testimonies, send prayer request and access audio and media contents, it also comes with a seamless online giving and donation feature.

Ihesie also hinted about the E-Collection and Online capability of the platform for churches enabling easy integration and setup of collections of both local and international donation. “This app is in line with our vision which is to build a world class system that will enable a seamless information integration aimed at increasing productivity and efficiency amongst different sectors; this time around, helping churches meet up with their administrative and management systems.

About Complustech Limited

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