Chivas The Venture: New Opportunity For Nigerian Social Entrepreneurs

Year 2 Chivas The Venture campaign is ready! It’s a global search to find and support the next generation of startups that want to succeed whilst making a positive impact on the lives of others.

With a share of 1 million Dollars up for grabs Chivas’ The Venture inspires social entrepreneurs seeking positive change from around the world to pursue their ambitions and realise their potential.

Applications for the Nigerian competition is now open on

Any for-profit legal entity that is duly established under the laws of Nigeria, has its principal place of business in Nigeria and is conducting business in Nigeria
Is seeking a positive impact or benefit to society or the environment
Generates no more than US$1.5 million (or local currency equivalent) in annual revenues;
And is either at the following stages:
Discovery: focusing on the problem / solution fit (i.e. is in development of a working prototype but has no paying customer’s asyet.
Validation: Entrant is focusing on the product / market fit (i.e. has a working prototype or minimum viable product and is either ready for market entry or already has some paying customers
Growth Stage: means the Entrant is focusing on scaling an already validated proposition (i.e. shows significant user traction and sales)

To find out more about the venture, please pre-register for information session by calling Nnena Ugwu (0817 458 3175), Tobi Fasuyi (0809 040 4097) and Samuel Odesanmi (0801 5064 6801) or email

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