#BrandYourWaithood: Social Entrepreneurs Collaborate For Youth Development

Business Without Boundaries and 360Connect Announce a Strategic Partnership to Deliver Next Generation Strategic Solutions for Waithood in Youth.
Strategic partnership formed to support co-creation and co-innovation in Youth.

Business Without Boundaries (BwB) and 360Connect have announced a new strategic partnership that combines expertise in youth Economic/Entrepreneurship, Leadership Development & Innovation development with market leading in inclusiveness implementation and content development. It will lead to delivering innovative solutions to empower and engage youth in waithood – a period of stagnation in the lives of young people, and a state of helplessness and dependency.

Together, BwB and 360Connect are co-creating and co-innovating around #BrandYourWaithood to address the increasing numbers waithood in young people – a period of stagnation in the lives of young people, and a state of regaining independence that youth are facing today. To equip average youth and policy-makers with knowledge and skills to kindle positive change, self-development, inclusive leadership and sustainable growth.

The co-creating and co-innovation focus areas will be Waithood in Education, Career, Social Inclusion, and Leadership & Politics which will bring a new approach to combining waithood petition and challenges to create more awareness of waithood in communities with strategic innovative solutions to waithood on a robust platform both online and offline.

The #BrandYourWaithood will transforms how information is leveraged among youth, moving away from helplessness and dependency view. #BrandYourWaithood will enables a broad base of young users to rebrand their own personal waithood perspectives stories on all structured and unstructured petition and challenges. The end result will provide agile and relevant analytical insight to a broad community of policy stakeholder in government, International developers, CSO’s whose work focus on youth advocacy and through real-time technology, integrate those insights directly into youth policy processes, empowerment programs and youth inclusiveness.

Rasak_and_TopeTopsie Egbetokun Olatilewa, CEO, Business Without Boundaries commented “As we enter a new era of ever increasing youth high population and high unemployment rate, communities, government and public and private companies must co-innovate to solve waithood tough problems for youth as young people are the leaders of today to solve tomorrow’s challenges.

This is why we are working with 360Connect, a market leader in youth social inclusion, around #BrandYourWaithood. This new offer represents our belief that waithood is a global issue that requires localized solutions.”

“We are very pleased to form a strategic partnership with Business Without Boundaries (BwB).

By combining 360Connect’s expertise in leveraging youth social inclusion and leadership development to help youth overcome waithood.” said Rasak Adekoya, CEO of 360Connect.

Business Without Boundaries and 360Connect have worked together to establish a new BrandYourWaithood website – http://brandyourwaithood.org. Business Without Boundaries – 360Connect leadership team will be co-located at the Business Without Boundaries office to enable close co-operation and support continued co-innovation.