ATTEND: Start Up Academy Venture Growth And Investor Preparedness

The Startup Academy is here! Are you ready?!

GEN Startup Academy (GSA) trains entrepreneurs for extreme execution.

GSA is not business school. GSA is not a lecture center.

It’s a think-plan-do-repeat hub for startups who are DOing and want to improve the quality of their execution.


  1. Help you to reimagine your business from a national, regional or global perspective
  2. Focus on experience sharing with skilled entrepreneurs and the best young minds
  3. Give you actual tools you can take home and use – e.g. customized budgeting template
  4. Connect you with actual resources to make your life easier – e.g. where to hire the best employees for next to nothing
  5. Connect you with actual funding for your local or regional business
  6. Provide you with international exposure (heavy media) and access to global markets (our partnership with other incubators)



Eghosa Omoigui, Echo VC. Experienced Silicon Valley investor for [Startup valuation and funding] {Tentative}

 Dotun Olowoporoku, Starta and Potential VC. Experienced Entrepreneur for [Venture growth / Customer Acquisition] {Confirmed}

Mara Group – Lagos Office (South Atlantic Petroleum Towers) – 1 Adeola Odeku street, Victoria Island Lagos NG – View Map