ATTEND: Maximizing Profits In 2015, LEAP Africa CEOs Forum

LEAP Africa, one of Nigeria’s leadership development organization is hosting the 10th CEOs Forum in Lagos next month to address different sectoral and industrial risks factors and need for SMEs to concentrate their efforts in evaluating and managing their risk exposures under the theme Staying Ahead: Maximizing Profits and Mitigating Risks.

Risk management is being recognized as an integral part of good management practices. The purpose of managing risk is to proactively establish programs and processes that support business objectives while protecting the organization’s assets—its employees, property, income and reputation—from loss or harm, at the lowest possible cost.

Although many local companies are grasping the importance of curtailing their risks to the barest minimum a lot still has to be done to increase access for local SMEs imbibing this culture.

The 10th CEOs Forum holding on June 09, 2015 at Oriental Hotel, Lagos will bring together business owners, chief executives, directors, managers, as well as leaders in private, public and social sectors to foster the exchange of ideas and best practices.LEAP-Africa-Forum

Speaking at the event are top CEOs with vast experience in managing risks and risk management experts.

Registration is =N=5, 500 to attend this Forum. Register here.

For enquiries and exhibition spaces visit or contact; 01-2706542.#LEAPCEOsForum2015 .