ATTEND: Creative entrepreneurs to honour Amaka Igwe

In commemoration of the passing of Amaka Igwe, one of Nigeria’s foremost film producers, writers, directors and a leading player in the motion picture industry, the Creative Entrepreneurs Association of Nigeria (CEAN) with the support of the British Council, Nigeria invites you to May Creative Enterprise Sessions.Amaka-Igwe

This is an opportunity to pay tribute to her memory to Attend this Celebration of her Life and Legacies.

Amaka was a visionary, and pioneer of modern Nigerian TV drama and film. Amaka hit the national limelight as the writer and producer of the award-winning TV soap, “Checkmate” and the spin-off “Fuji House of Commotion”.

Her Nollywood projects included Rattle Snake and Violated, two critically acclaimed movies that set Amaka Igwe Studios apart in Nollywood.

She founded the BoB TV Expo, and was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Top Radio 90.9 FM, Amaka Igwe Studios, and the newly-launched Q Entertainment Networks.

 This Month of May, join us as we celebrate her Legacies in the Nigerian Creative Industry.

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