APPLY: NOUN/PDS Scholarship for Mobile Devices Entrepreneurs


PhoneDoctorService.Com/NOUN is offering Scholarships for training on Mobile Devices Master and Repairs. There are over 400 million devices in Nigeria, and only a handful of CERTIFIED, SKILLED support and maintenance professionals!

Unemployment is perhaps the number one challenge facing our gifted Nigerian youths. If you have a brother, sister, nephew, friend, uncle who would benefit from this scholarship, do them a favor by forwarding this email to them now. It costs you absolutely nothing.

Here’s what one would gain after this the One Week Technical and Entrepreneurship Training:

A Certificate of Completion issued by the National Open University of Nigeria Centre for Lifelong Learning.

  • You will automatically be keyed into the privileged reference database of Certified Professional Device Management Support Association.
  • Technical skills to work with ALL Smartphone devices from IOS to Android devices with no limitation on device brand.
  • A Complete Smartphone Repair Kit which gets you started from day one and you can begin earning money right away.
  • Lifetime mentorship and support from so you can have a smooth ride running your business!
  • Increase your employability with major Smartphone manufacturers if you chose to be employed

To qualify for the scholarship, kindly follow these simple steps:

1. Attempt the online-web based test by clicking on this link

Click Here to take the Aptitude Test

2. You will get an acknowledgement email confirming your eligibility for oral interview.

Contact: 0800 746 6337/0700 746 6337 for more information. (Use the PROMO code “MYTIME.”)