Terms of Acceptance

Orders for advertising space should be accompanied by a contract or publication order made out to Favcom Media Networks. (Publisher of EntrepreNEWS), 294, Herbert Macaulay Way, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos.

The publisher reserves the right to decline any advertisement or edit it in the interest of format and good taste. The advertiser will, however, be notified of such changes before the publication of the ads.

In case of ad-supported special features or supplements, in which the advertisers pay only for the ad spaces, the editorial prerogative of EntrepreNEWS will always prevail. The publisher will not be liable for any consequential loss or damage occasioned by the failure of any advertisement to appear from any cause whatsoever, nor does he accept liability for errors in any advertisement published, nor its failure to appear on a specified date.

The advertiser or its agency is responsible for protection and indemnifying EntrepreNEWS from any claims or expenses resulting from the unauthorised use of names, sketches, photographs, words, logos, trademarks, or other materials protected by Copyright in connection with advertising in EntrepreNEWS.

As part of our service to advertisers without agencies, we are prepared to carry out simple typesetting and camera work when required, provided that there is sufficient lead time to enable submission of camera-ready material (fully pasted artwork ready for camera) before deadline. The publisher, however, will not be responsible for errors in the material resulting in failure of advertisers to proofread. Errors appearing in advertisements should be brought to the attention of Favcom Media Networks in writing within twenty-four hours from its first publication. Failure of the advertiser to call the publisher’s attention to such errors within said period will be conclusively presumed to be a waiver of any right based on such error. Service and materials used in preparation of direct ad materials are rendered free unless the advertiser intends to use the same in another publication.

The advertiser or its agency may pick up advertising materials from the Advertising Coordinator anytime within six months after its publication. The publisher reserves the right to destroy all advertising materials after the said period.

While every reasonable care is taken, the publisher shall not be held responsible for loss or damage to advertising materials.

The publisher reserves the right to revise its advertising rate at any time after a 90-day notification period.

An advertisement may appear on any page for which it is booked at the sole discretion of the publisher. Specified positions will be accepted by Favcom Media Networks subject to space being available on the pages specified. While every effort is made to ensure that competitive advertisements do not appear on the same page, no guarantee is made that this will not occur due to space limitation.

Stipulation on advertising orders which differ from the above conditions, rates or stipulations are not considered binding unless expressly acknowledged in writing by the publisher.