Terms and Conditions

  • Deadlines

All web ads must be submitted five (5) working days before actual placement date.

Should the advertiser retain the creative services of EntrepreNEWS, five (5) working days shall be allotted for production time, and at least three (3) working days for approval and revisions.

Advertisers shall provide the necessary materials, in electronic format, to be used for the web ad. EntrepreNEWS shall not be made liable for any delays due to late submissions.


  • Ad Rules

EntrepreNEWS reserves the right to revise its advertising rate at any time after a 90-day notification period.

An advertisement may appear on any web page for which it is booked at the sole discretion of EntrepreNEWS. While every effort is made to ensure that competing advertisements do not appear on the same page, no guarantee is made that this will not occur should there be space limitations.

Advertising agencies recognized by EntrepreNEWS receive a commission of 15% of gross.

EntrepreNEWS reserves the right to modify the design of advertising materials to protect editorial integrity.


  • Payment Terms

Fifty per cent (50%) shall be paid upon the receipt of an invoice, which will be issued on the first day of placement of the advertisement. The remaining fifty per cent (50%) shall be invoiced on the last month of the placement.

EntrepreNEWS will monitor the number of impressions on a monthly basis and will inform the client if the advertisement is nearing the specified number of impressions.

All checks shall be made payable to Favcom Media Networks.


  • Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made through written notice to EntrepreNEWS. If the written notice is received 30 days before actual placement, a 100% refund will be given; if received 15 days before actual placement, a 50% refund will be given; if received less than 15 days before actual placement, no refund will be given.

Technical Services

An ad report consisting of the following data will be provided monthly:

•              Hits

•              Page views/Impressions

•              Unique users

•              Ad clicks