6 Startups Join CcHUB Incubation Program [How to Apply]

The Co-Creation Hub recently called for applications for its revamped incubation program. The search was for committed and ambitious teams with technology solutions that have gained some traction, are generating revenue, addresses a clear need/want and has the potential to scale.

Over 500 applications were received from across the continent with the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo announcing the four companies selected on the 17th of April. Along with two others, the CcHUB will be working with these companies over the next 12 months, using its resources to help them gain significant traction, access funding and guide them on the path to building a sustainable business.

The selected startups are:

Identity Tech – a cloud-based service that gives its clients access to an array of tools for customer experience Management which includes: visitor management, queue/service management, customer survey management and a biometric solution for staff attendance, thereby eliminating the use of pen and paper, and making it possible to analyse data in real time and over a long period of time.

Track Your Build – a mapping, GIS and data management company that provides clients with the information they need to build new assets or extend the lifespan and usefulness of existing ones. The company uses drones, satellites, cloud computing and analytics for smart infrastructure management. Track Your Build employs a hands-on and on-site approach to providing their clients with the support they need.

E-Estates – a mobile application that enhances living experiences for residents staying at gated communities, putting convenience at their fingertips. They help estate owners better coordinate their affairs and overall interaction/communication with the residents. The app features include emergency services, guest management, real-time vending for electricity bills and handyman services.

Doctoora – an infrastructure as a service company that increases access to quality healthcare by providing healthcare professionals with fully serviced medical facilities, to rent on a pay-per-use basis. The company has 3 locations in Lagos – Opebi, Ogudu and Surulere with a capacity to deliver 430 clinic hours per week.

Each of these companies will receive $25,000 in funding, free workspace for their teams, $15,000 AWS credit and other partner credits, financial management support, business support, HR Management support, product development advisory, mentorship, access to corporate partners & industry experts and possible follow-on capital of up to $250,000 from Growth Capital.

Other companies that joined our portfolio this year include:

Findworka – a platform with a network of pre-vetted professionals that can build software products and extend the engineering teams of ambitious organisations.

Big Pot – a power utility company which aims to provide energy to small and medium-sized residences and businesses through smart community microgrids formed by geographically dispersed privately and commercially owned solar photovoltaic panel installations, fossil fuel based power generators and lithium-ion battery storage.

Application for pre-incubation program is now open for startups in their idea phase. You can apply here.

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