3 things to consider when starting a YouTube channel [Beginners Series]

Starting a YouTube channel is not as easy as it seems, but if you could follow the guidelines below you would be ahead of the train

As a beginner you should never think you won’t become successful on the platform because you are just joining, YouTube is basically about content creation, if you develop content that catches the eyes of the intended audience then boom you will scale up very quickly.

However, before you go in there are things you need to know if you want to bag maximum success on the platform. YouTube doesn’t guarantee you success, being successful on YouTube is left to your level of impact on the platform

  1. What is your drive/motivation for starting a YouTube channel?
    This is a vital question to ask yourself upon starting a YouTube channel.
    It could be that you want to create comedy skits or you want to teach people how to do things like cooking, art, makeup, web design, etc.
    It is very important that you are in sync with the reason for creating the channel, therefore your motivation should be able to meet these three things:
  • Target audience: Who your videos are intended for.
  • Cover particular focus (topic): What your video is about.
  • Reason for existence: Why they should watch your videos
    You have to define these things before you activate your channel.

2. How consistently will you upload videos to your channel.

Firstly be realistic and think long-term when engaging on your page. It is very important to always work with a plan while thinking long-term, as a beginner you will be required to have a work plan highlighting:

How many days in the week you post

What videos you post for the week

When you should add new content
Whether you want to do YouTube full-time or per-time, you will still be required to work with a to-do list for YouTube so you can organize your engagement on your channel. The frequency of how you upload and engage on your page determines the growth of your page.

3. Think making money from YouTube
As a beginner making money from YouTube may seem very hard and it could sincerely be hard but guess what it is possible to make money from YouTube even as a beginner.

There are several ways to make money on YouTube

  • YouTube advertisement (Adsense)
  • Affiliate sales and product promotions
  • Consultation services
  • Direct advertisements that aren’t Adsense
  • Public speaking events
  • Support from fans who donate

Note that the quickest way to grow discouraged as a YouTube creator? Comparing yourself to others.
Before you start working on your first video, highlight a few actionable goals on your work plan (To-do list). Not only will these keep you focused on your own path, and not only will they give you a sense of progress, but they show you what to do when you feel stuck.

I hope this post has encouraged and empowered you to go ahead with starting your YouTube channel. Take away: Do not forget that signing up for YouTube and getting a channel is easy but building it to success takes a lot of work and consistency.

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