3 Nigerian startups among 2015 ALN Ventures class


After a campaign that attracted more than 275 candidates from around the world, ALN Ventures has announced the class of 2015.

The nine companies will be in South Africa in mid-February for a two-week intensive workshop session.

Among the nine is Cherae Robinson’s TastemakerAfrica; including three Nigerian startups.

BanaPads (Uganda) produces inexpensive sanitary napkins from locally plentiful, natural materials in Tanzania, Uganda and Burundi.
Capture (Nigeria) is a mobile payments system that harnesses the power of QR codes to make it quick and easy to safely pay without cash.
GiftedMom (Cameroon) is an SMS-based maternal health management solution for hospitals.
Learning Horizon (Nigeria) is a provider of e-learning solutions to corporates and institutions of higher learning.
Madlyn Cazalis (Cameroon) is the first producer of locally-made, all-natural cosmetics in Cameroon.
Medical Devices as a Service (Nigeria) leases medical equipment to hospitals across Nigeria, and the broader West African region.
Nikweli (Tanzania) is a mobile-to-web job-matching platform that connects employers and job seekers for blue-collar type positions.
Stawi Foods (Kenya) produces gluten-free banana flour as well as a variety of nutritious instant porridge flours for children and families.
TastemakersAfrica (USA) is a mobile and web-based travel platform that connects millennials with hip, insider leisure experiences in Africa.
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