3DS: Explore 3 Day Startup Program for Students

A trusted source just shared a Startup entrepreneurship program you may be interested in checking up. Although she mentions students, the opportunity can apply to a wider audience. If you are aware of or connected to any viable entrepreneurship programs, this could be an interesting initiative to try.

Here’s the email:

“Happy 2016! My name is Alexis Taylor, and I’m a program manager at 3 Day Startup (“3DS”). 3DS is a 501(3)(c) international nonprofit that helps students start companies and build their entrepreneurial capabilities. We are looking for partners to bolster student entrepreneurship throughout the continent of Africa. So far, we’ve worked with the University of Ghana and the University of Malawi, Polytechnic with Lombola Lombola (2014 YALI Fellow). We’ve provided these universities and communities with the playbook of how to kickstart their student entrepreneurship ecosystems. Let’s work together to provide this hands-on workshop that takes students entrepreneurial skills from zero to one hundred in three short days.

Please feel free to contact me at alexis@3daystartup.org if you’d like to discuss this opportunity further. We hope to accelerate student-led companies with you in 2016!”

More about 3DS

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