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Startup: Ridesharing Platform, JEKALO Launches for Lagos Users

Made in Lagos With Love, Nigeria’s First Ride Sharing Platform Goes Live Moving around Lagos city can be frustrating, from traffic to unreliable commercial transport. With the recent fuel issues, navigating the city has become unbearable. Arriving just in time,

Co-creation Hub Nigeria (CcHUB) Launches $500,000 Seed Investment Program

CcHUB boosts its incubation program with the launch of a $500,000 seed investment fund to support early stage start-ups over the next two years. Start-ups will receive sums ranging from $10,000 – $25,000 to support business model experimentation  and operations.

Nigeria Launches Women Empowerment Mobile App Competition

The Ministry of Communication Technology invites software developers and entrepreneurs to participate in a 3 week Women Empowerment Mobile App Competition that focuses on how to leverage mobile and web application to increase women engagement, promote career and business development,