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Economy: Performance Intelligence Conference holds in Abuja

Key stakeholders and policy makers will gather at the Hilton Hotel, Abuja on February 23 and 24, for the 2016 International Performance Intelligence Conference poised to be a change catalyst for the Nigerian economy. The conference, with the theme: “Performance Intelligence: The

The #1 Cause of Failure for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs Don’t Plan To Fail, They Fail To Plan By Dave Lavinsky I periodically read research reports about business failures. I always find them interesting, although often they are depressing. Such as what I recently read. Which was research from Bradley

How to Make Your Company Attractive to Buyers

By John Warrillow Recently I had the opportunity to hear Jason Fried, cofounder of Basecamp (formerly 37signals), speak at Inc.’s GrowCo event in Nashville. Fried had just made the ballsy decision to drop products like Campfire and Highrise to focus

Questions Most Entrepreneurs Forget to Ask

By Dave Lavinsky Once they launch their companies, most entrepreneurs fall into a very dangerous trap. What happens is that they get very myopic; they get so close to their businesses that they fail to see the bigger picture. So, they

Entrepreneur; What’s Stopping You?

By Paul Lemberg Have you ever had a terrific idea which you didn’t act on? Of course you have. I don’t mean anything fancy either. Nothing earth-shattering. Just a plain old-fashioned good idea which would have made you more money. But

How to Find Investors to Fund Your Business

By Dave Lavinsky I know a lot of business owners, and their businesses are very diverse.  Some are profitable, some aren’t.  Some involve single, store-based locations, while others are Internet-based or even spread across an international network.  Some have large staffs,

Indigenisation; Beyond The Economic

Nigeria began producing oil six decades ago and is now one of the world’s largest oil producers. But up until recently, indigenous participation in the oil industry, particularly the upstream sector has been minimal. Previously dominated by international oil companies

3 Rules to Succeed As An Entrepreneur

“Everybody needs four things in life: Something to do, someone to love, someone to believe in and something to hope for.” I wish I had said that, but it was my very close friend Lou Holtz.  I recently invited Lou

8 Things Remarkably Entrepreneurs Do

I’m fortunate to know a number of remarkably successful people. I’ve described how these people share a set of specific perspectives and beliefs. They also share a number of habits: 1. They don’t create back-up plans. Back-up plans can help

The Art of Raising Money from Angel Investors

Make no mistake about it: There is an art to raising angel capital. Raising angel capital is not harder or easier than raising institutional venture capital-it’s simply different. Here’s how to do it. 1. Make sure they are “accredited” investors.