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Nigeria’s Economy Has Not Reached Bottom Yet – Bloomberg Intelligence

By Mark Bohlund The renewed decline in oil production and a sliding Purchasing Managers Index suggests that the Nigerian economy has not yet reached a trough, even after a deeper GDP contraction in the second quarter. A sharper negative contribution

What Zuckerberg’s Visit Means For Nigeria – Tayo Elegbede

In an unannounced fashion, Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg, yesterday arrived Lagos-Nigeria to kick start his first tour of Sub-Saharan Africa, where over 100 million Facebook users reside. According to him, he is in Lagos to “learn more about the startup

Nigeria Helped by low debt as it tackles slump spending

By David Malingha Doya, Bloomberg News Nigeria is facing a recession, a plunging currency, inflation at a decade-high and a widening budget deficit. It has one going for it; low debt. That means the West African nation has room to

Businesses Staying The Course, Despite Economic Slow Down – Study

According to EY’s 2016 Africa attractiveness program 2016, Staying the course, despite a relative slow down, Sub-Saharan Africa remains one of the fastest growing regions in the world. This is reflected in the foreign direct investment (FDI) levels in 2015, where

Nigeria’s Emergency Fuel “Entrepreneurs” In An Obscure Economy

Taye Aiyedogbon yelled as he talked over the mobile phone: “No matter what, make sure you reserve at least two 50 litres for me o! I am sending my boy immediately. He will bring the money.” Sitting with him at

This Is How Brexit Will Affect The Nigerian Economy

On 23 June, the United Kingdom (UK) voted to leave the European Union (EU) in a non-binding advisory referendum, which resulted in the resignation of UK Prime Minister David Cameron and is likely to trigger fresh elections later this year

How Reach for Change Celebrated Africa’s Social Entrepreneurs

May 15 is the International Day of Families, a day that draws attention to issues that families face and offers opportunities to examine the social and economic factors that affect families’ well being. Reach for Change Africa is marking this

How Social Entrepreneurs Provide Solutions for Africa’ Development

Is social entrepreneurship the new face of development? A recent impact report released by Reach for Change suggests it might be. Social entrepreneurs across Africa are contributing to advances in education, healthcare, financial inclusion, environmental protection and other social issues.

Here Are The Realities Facing Young Entrepreneurs In Africa

The Anzisha Prize, the premier award for Africa’s best young entrepreneurs, published the Anzisha Youth Entrepreneurship Survey 2016 this month, which provides a snapshot of the realities facing young entrepreneurs in Africa The Entrepreneurship Survey is based on an emailed

How Oil Attacks Is Slowing Nigeria’s Economy – Reports

Nigeria’s economy grew in 4Q at the slowest annual pace since at least 2010, with oil production being the biggest drag, according to a new study by Bloomberg Intelligence. The report says that GDP growth could be weaker still or