Chidi Anyaegbu: The story of Chisco Group

What can you do with 120 naira in Nigeria today? Indeed, coming after the addition in the cost of fuel (remember subsidy palaver?) that has escalated the cost of living; that amount pales into insignificance. Thirty years ago, however, it was the all the amount gathered to commence the journey into … [Read More...]


#RightNowNaija: NESG parters youth stakeholders for entrepreneurship

These days, the social media in Nigeria are awash with comments like these: - "Nearly 6 million young Nigerians enter into the market each year and only 10% secure a job in the formal sector. We need to act right now!" - "With a youthful population of 52 million, Nigeria has a demographic … [Read More...]


what exactly is progress?

Be More Productive Running Your Business From Home

You’ve thought your idea through and have now begun business. But you come against a snag. How do you operate without an office? How about starting from home? You think of distractions, and lack of … [Read More...]


Frayed wallet with change

Why Small Businesses Don’t Get Fund

A number of reasons have been adduced to why many Nigerian start-up businesses and entrepreneurs do not get required funding to grow their businesses. Making this known was Mr Akinwande Ademosu, the … [Read More...]