In Search Of Business Hubs In Lagos

What challenges do Nigerian start-up entrepreneurs currently face? Whatever your conclusion, office space (or a meeting point) is absolutely crucial. In other parts of the world, especially in the US, this problem is solved by companies providing necessary facilities beside their usual services. It … [Read More...]



BoI to Entrepreneurs: Bring better proposals to access funds

For small and medium-sized enterprises to improve their chances of accessing funds, they need to present proposals that are rich and convincing for banks to fund, the Bank of Industry has said. A statement from the bank quoted its Managing Director, Ms Evelyn Oputu, to have said this during a … [Read More...]

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BlackBerry offers scholarships to Nigeria’s young women techpreneurs

Are you a Nigerian lady in secondary school or university? Here is an opportunity for you - from the makers of your favourite BBM, BlackBerry®. You can now 'ping' your way into full scholarship! You … [Read More...]


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How entrepreneurs can benefit from Nigeria’s problems

It would be obvious to state that Nigeria is blessed with innovative people. The issue is that the nation is also besieged with myriad of problems and challenges. With huge population dominated by … [Read More...]