Chidi Anyaegbu: The story of Chisco Group

What can you do with 120 naira in Nigeria today? Indeed, coming after the addition in the cost of fuel (remember subsidy palaver?) that has escalated the cost of living; that amount pales into insignificance. Thirty years ago, however, it was the all the amount gathered to commence the journey into … [Read More...]



Entrepreneurship among issues for investigation through the ICiR

Entrepreneurship related investigations in Nigeria will feature among the stories that will be commissioned in the next two years as Olufemi Omotayo, the managing editor of EntrepreNEWS, was among participants at the just concluded training on investigation in Abuja. The training, made possible … [Read More...]

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MTN Link Forum Introduces Budding Entrepreneur Challenge

MTN Link Forum MTN once again brings to you MTN Link Forum. The Link Forum is a unique engagement platform that has been designed for young professionals and entrepreneurs desirous of opportunities … [Read More...]


Money and plant.

Two Rules for Business Start-ups

Entrepreneurship is the art of finding profitable solutions to problems. Every successful entrepreneur, every successful businessperson has been a person who has been able to identify a problem and … [Read More...]